About Us

THE SURGICAL FORT is a dynamic company, manufacturing and exporting following instruments;

General Surgery Instruments
Orthopedic Surgery Instruments
Vascular Surgery Instruments
ENT Surgery Instruments
Rectoscopy Surgery Instruments
Urological Surgery Instruments
Gynecological Surgery Instruments
Ophthalmic Surgery Instruments
Dental Surgery Instruments
Electro-surgical Instruments
Titanium Surgical Instruments
Single-use Surgical Instruments

With full featured production-house, skilled workers, excellent quality products, holding all necessary international certifications in hand and professional management team, THE SURGICAL FORT is seeking new business partners all over the world.

We welcome and entertain all kinds of queries (belonging to our line-of-work) submitted by our valued visitors/customers and are fully prepared to offer our best services and products.

This web site is prepared for easy to use, smooth navigation and prompt connections at both ends. Please browse through our products and contact us freely for any questions.